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IncfoComm 2020 in Bejing, China

September 29,2020.

Infocomm 2020 China are successfully helding on 28-30 September 2020(Mon-Wed) China National Convention Center(CNCC) Beijing. Because of COVID-19, many of famous exhibition had been cancelled, but China’s epidemic control are more better, so this exhibition had been opened as before, this is very good news for whole industry.

For over a decade, InfoComm China has been rasing the prfile of China’s professional AdudioVisual(Pro-AV) and experiential communications market. Today, it is Asia Pacific’s foremost platform where Pro-AV to experiential communications players, manufacturers and user from across all industries meet.

WINSAFE factory bring our cloud video camera AMC-G200T & AMC-G200TH/Speaker Tracking PTZ Video Conference Camera to the exhibition, this product no need to more other equipment, it can track & auto tracking the speaker, let the conferencing are more easy and intelligent.

Because of COVID-19, the live broadcast、training、online education & telemedicine are more popular than before, this promote the industry development, we bring our AMC-M1001V2 series camera to show how to let live broadcast are more easy and clear.

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